Since I decided to start a craft blog, I think I should clearly list out all the projects that I need to complete just so that I am more clear headed and determined to complete them.

1.  Easter bunnies with simple embroidery (got it finish it by Wednesday) Completed @12.51 a.m. of 18 March 2008

2.  A halter top of a friends (this is to be finished by Friday)

3.  A simple shrug for my dear mummy who will be going for a short trip to China (this can be completed by Friday too)Completed @ 6 p.m. of 19 March 2008, along with two ponchos for a friend’s kiddos

4.  Two diaper bag with changing mat

5.  Pull String bags for Aver’s wooden toys and cars

6.  New dresses for the two girls

7.  Ash’s long overdued quilt (like overdued for a year… )

8.  Cross-stitching… hmmm… let’s go look for simple desgins to do

Let’s stop at here for the moment because looking at the list is already tiring me out.

Check back for how far I have gone in my list .

Now I leave you with our cheery gerbana to brighten up your day.