There was a request for a “how to” for the diaper bag with changing mat that I had sewn so I decided to sew another and try to write a tutorial for it.
However, since it is my first… please forgive me if it is not clear at all.
What you need:
Fleece 31″ by 14″
Patterned Fabric 31″ 14″
Elastic band 4″
Sewing machine … unless you are patient enough to sew all by hand.
Matching thread
Cut out your fleece and patterned fabric, each measuring 31″ by 14″
Fold the patterned fabric into half, lengthwise, right sides together.
Then press.
Machine stitch the sides of the patterned fabric, leaving a wide enough gap at the top width.
This is to allow you to turn the fabric right side out.
Turn the patterned fabric right side out and press.
Fold the fabric in half width-wise and mark the mid point at the top width.
Insert the elastic band (which is folded in half) into the gap at the top width where you have marked.
Pin it in place.
Top-stitch the top width, reinforce stitching at where the elastic band is.
Place fleece and patterned fabric together, right-sides facing.
(For the patterned fabric, choose the side which has the nicest, neatest stitch to be your ride side.)
You will notice that the fleece is now bigger than the fabric.  You can choose to trim of the excess… I chose not to.
ZigZag stitch the sides of the fleece to beautify it.
Place the fleece and fabric right sides together, pin and sew the sides together.
(I am assuming that you will know not the sew the top width… and there will be the extra bit of the fleece at the top width, that is to allow your little cutie to lie.)
Turn the almost complete bag right side out and fold your bag to the desired size, mark point where the button should be and sew in the button.
Okay… I do not have a picture of the bag with the button sewn on as it was already one in the morning and Aver was cranky… teething issue.
Oh… as for the fleece, you can fold it into the bag when you are not using it.
Since I have ran out of space to upload more pictures in Flicker for this month,  you can see how the bag should look like HERE.