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Yup, I finally got it done.

These are the sample and I already love it so.

Just sent an email to confirm production.

Now, I need to have some stuffs for it to be sewn on.

And then I may set up an Etsy shop but I am not very confident in selling my stuff and also I do not know how to do the shipping cost and issue…


Ash attends ballet lessons at her school and she just got her leotard and skirt and soon her shoes too.
Her ballet teacher is also selling the ballet bag that she had designed.
We decided not to buy it (not that it is not nice… actually it is a pretty pink) but instead, I will sew one for her.
Ash chose her fabric from the stash that I have and I set out to find a pattern.
Saw one on a recently bought Japanese pattern magazine.
Although it is rather pictorial with instructions, it was still quite difficult to decipher the pattern.
So I had to think it through in my head… oh… what a headache it caused.
Here is the end result… I am quite happy with it though.

Here is Aver modelling it… she likes it too!


Originally uploaded by wencrafting

I have been blogging with Blogspot for 3 years already…5 May marked my third year. At the same time, I am just 1 post away from my 250th blog post there.

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How can I make one sun hat for my baby and not one for my first born?

So, I set out to made a bigger one for Ash immediately after I completed Aver’s.

When you see both of them wearing their sun hat, I feel so blessed for God’s gifts to me…

these two girls are my greatest gifts and also my ability to do such crafts…

Eversince I picked up crocheting last year, I had always wanted to do a sun hat for my daughters.

So I tried to find a simple enough pattern for me to follow but I only managed to do so recently.  I followed the pattern but it failed quite badly as the size did not fit my 16 month daughter.  Hence, i had to revise the pattern but alas, I did not write down my version of the pattern.

So here it is ….

It fits her just nice for now and she will most probably outgrow it in a few months.

And… I want to ask experiece crocheters out there… what is worsted yarn?

You see… I go to Spotlight to buy my yarns but on the packaging, it does not indicated whether it is worsted or not.  As for the yarn I used for this hat… it is known as corn fibre… product of Australia… so is it worsted yarn or not?  I am in total confusion!


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