Eversince I picked up crocheting last year, I had always wanted to do a sun hat for my daughters.

So I tried to find a simple enough pattern for me to follow but I only managed to do so recently.  I followed the pattern but it failed quite badly as the size did not fit my 16 month daughter.  Hence, i had to revise the pattern but alas, I did not write down my version of the pattern.

So here it is ….

It fits her just nice for now and she will most probably outgrow it in a few months.

And… I want to ask experiece crocheters out there… what is worsted yarn?

You see… I go to Spotlight to buy my yarns but on the packaging, it does not indicated whether it is worsted or not.  As for the yarn I used for this hat… it is known as corn fibre… product of Australia… so is it worsted yarn or not?  I am in total confusion!