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There is a certain little girl whose birthday falls on 28 June.

So, I started to work on a few things for her.

A coloured pencils roll… I must admit that I had miscalculated the measurement for the space for each pencil so the roll fall shot of a few coloured pencils.

Then, I did a notebook cover for her.

And lastly, a wristbag to put them in.

I also did some key fobs.  I did not have all the materials so I improvised.

Thanks for stoppibg by.

Let me know if you like them.


Yeah… end product of the ribbons I mentioned in the earlier post.

I tried to have them attached on hairclips but they looked out of place and I was kind of upset about it.

I thought hard how to rectify it even to the extend of looking for other kinds of hairclips but since it is not sold wholesale, they don’t come cheap.

Finally, I decided on hair ties..

So while Aver napped in the afternoon, I started on them… there are still more in the basket waiting.

And who else would get to enjoy the hair ties first…

Ash, Aver and my mum…


Sneak preview to what is brewing in my “studio” (how I wish I have one… ok, my table, floor… whatever, wherever …)

I have quite a bit of ribbons lying here and there so I decided that I should clear my stash of stuff before purchasing new fabrics, ribbons and what others I may fall in love with while at the craft shop (nope, I have yet to clear my stash and nope, I have yet to stop buying … ha… much to Superpig’s dismay.)

So I started work on these and am falling in love with the sweetness … but as always, my crafts always bear a little of imperfection and that frustrates a perfectionist (me… I am a perfectionist with very difficult standards to meet.)

Now, what do you think about the ribbons?

The final product will be completed soon… I hope.


Finally, I managed to get my hands on my sewing machine and got theses sewn up.

I love them a lot  they are not sewn to perfection, I sm still proud of them for a few reasons.

1.  I managed to sew zips. 

I had learnt to sew them when I took up a dressmaking course when I was a teenager.  I hated the course not because I was forced to take it up but because of the teacher.  She decided that I was not serious enough for the course and was not interested in teaching me (Will talk about it more next time).  I ended up having to go to mum for help… and she did teach me but somehow it got a little complicated and I always thought zips are not easy to sew. 

2.  It has my own personal tag sewn on it.

I did mention about having my own tag made and now I can have it sewn it on almost everything that I sew.

3.  I did four in a span of two hours…

It may not be fast in the eyes of expert sewers but it is fast enough for me.

4.  I may sell them…

What do you think?  Comments and criticisms are all welcome.

June 2008

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