Finally, I managed to get my hands on my sewing machine and got theses sewn up.

I love them a lot  they are not sewn to perfection, I sm still proud of them for a few reasons.

1.  I managed to sew zips. 

I had learnt to sew them when I took up a dressmaking course when I was a teenager.  I hated the course not because I was forced to take it up but because of the teacher.  She decided that I was not serious enough for the course and was not interested in teaching me (Will talk about it more next time).  I ended up having to go to mum for help… and she did teach me but somehow it got a little complicated and I always thought zips are not easy to sew. 

2.  It has my own personal tag sewn on it.

I did mention about having my own tag made and now I can have it sewn it on almost everything that I sew.

3.  I did four in a span of two hours…

It may not be fast in the eyes of expert sewers but it is fast enough for me.

4.  I may sell them…

What do you think?  Comments and criticisms are all welcome.