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Oohhh….. finally made it.

From these …

To this..

I will be making more of it as it does look nice and cheery.

Making more for the coming up Teachers’ day for Ash’s teachers and Aver’s soon-to-be teachers.

Anyone interested in ordering from me?

I am sorry for not responding to comments… I am so lousy at that.

It doesn’t mean that I do not value them… I do… I really really do…

It is just that I have not learnt the skill of time management so I am lousy at completing tasks.

Still, I love to hear from you and really enjoy visinting your blogs too.

To answer the question of the fabric label…

I got it done by a factory in Singapore. But I guess Etsy may have quite a few who provide good fabric labels.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.


Superpig’s colleague has been transferred to another department.  According to him, she had been very nice to him when he first entered.  She also a “packed lunch” person as she is on diet… salad diet.

So I decided to make her a bag for her lunch boxes (which are store bought) and I also collected some recipes and collated them to be given to her.

Here is the bag with the lunch boxes in it…

I hope she will like it.

August 2008

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