We will be celebrating Children’s Day here in the sunny island on 1 October. 

As a child, I always love this day… a day dedicated to the children whereby we can just be a child and totally enjoy it.  In schools, the teachers usually stop teaching for a day and let us all enjoy ourselves.

When I reached Secondary school and realised that as teenagers we no longer get to enjoy this special day, I got kind of groomy.  When 1 October came and little children got a day off school and enjoyed themselves, I felt totally out of sync for that day. I will be groomy whilst in class and dreamt of the possible fun I could had if I was a child again.

So, I decided that since I cannot enoy the day like a child, I can enjoy giving the little ones somethings to make it a happy day for them.  So here is what I did for Aver’s classmates.

Started with this:

Then I started experimenting and got one:

And after a long long time… I finished them!

I hope these will bring a bigger smile on the children.