Had been looking blog hopping and have been amazed by the nice skirts and pants that other mothers had sewn for their cuties.  Although I did sew a few dresses at the beginning of the year, I don’t find them fantastic.  Hence, I put off sewing clothings and simply stick to other stuffs.

However, Ash is growing and is out growing her wardrobe and since we are on a tight budget, I thought it is time to start sewing some wearable for her.

I started with a pair of pants for her but it turned out a little too big and it looks like her dad’s boxers.

Then I went on to sew two pairs of pants for Aver and it turned out better.  So this particular fabric will be used for more tight pants.  I will try another one out for Ash.

And last night, I decided to sew a pair of 3/4 pants for Ash and that did not come out at all.  First, despite the fabric being very cute, after cutting it out, I realised the pair of pants may end up looking like jammies.  That is not what I intend it to be.  Second, I failed to put the pair of pants together.  Thinking that I had sewn three pairs the night before, I should have no problem with this pair.  WRONG! WRONG! WORNG! I kept sewing the wrong seams together and I took almost an hour sorting it out.  At my last failed attempt, I gave up on it. 

So it was not fated to be a 3/4 pants, I cut up the fabric and sewn a skirt for Aver instead.  That turned out well. 

So here are what I had sewn…

Here they are giving their wonderful poses.

Tonight, I will tackle the pants for Ash again!