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Had been saving my fabric scraps, I used to throw them away with a guilty heart.  So I started to put these little scraps aside and hope that I will be able to use them.

So I made these little flowers with the bigger  scraps and add in the buttons.  After which I attached them to the rings and Hey Presto… I have got three new rings.

What do you think of them?

Still in the mood of working with felt and hair clips.

But no mood to say more than these few sentences.

Hope you will like them and forgive my rudeness.

I had brought quite a bit of felt for Ash to sew some christmas ornaments and now Ihave quite a bit left over.  So I started doing these felt hair clips.


I asked Superpig whether they are nice.  He said they are nice.  When I asked him again later in the night, his reply was,”Okay only…”

I am a little hurt as he never ever give me a true answer.  His answers change all the time and I really do not know whether the stuffs that I made are good or not.

I know I am still far from many of the crafters out there and to some extent I feel that all the over rated comments by friends about my crafts are only polite comments just to makeme feel good.

However, I so not feel good at all as I know my stuffs are far from nice now that Superpig had spoken his true words when he is most unguarded.

December 2008

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