I had brought quite a bit of felt for Ash to sew some christmas ornaments and now Ihave quite a bit left over.  So I started doing these felt hair clips.


I asked Superpig whether they are nice.  He said they are nice.  When I asked him again later in the night, his reply was,”Okay only…”

I am a little hurt as he never ever give me a true answer.  His answers change all the time and I really do not know whether the stuffs that I made are good or not.

I know I am still far from many of the crafters out there and to some extent I feel that all the over rated comments by friends about my crafts are only polite comments just to makeme feel good.

However, I so not feel good at all as I know my stuffs are far from nice now that Superpig had spoken his true words when he is most unguarded.