Finally, I am back on this crafting blog.

Crafting has been a challenge as time is rather limited.  Tired most of the time. Brain juice not working very much due to tiredness.

There are so many projects floating in my brains and I really hope that these projects will materialise into something substantial.  Well, time management had never been my forte.

Anyway, since I was sick away from work last Friday and then Aver fell sick too, I stayed home with her the whole weekend (and today and tomorrow too… she is still running a fever and a nasty cough.)  So I used the time in my hands to do something. 

I managed to cut out the fabric for a blouse for myself.  Sewing will come later.  I am hopeful that I can get it sewn by the end of this week.

Then I started to crochet… I had done the hearts earlier on before Valentine’s Day but I did not manage to complete the whole project.  So I crochet the purple balls and I saw this necklace in my head.  So I worked towards it.


 At the third purple ball I was jinxed… I was cursed!  I did the first two rows and all the stitches were in place.  When I did the third row, I would end up with a stitch less.  I undo that row, stitch by stitch, counting as I went.  I was one stitch less! When I undid to the second row, my second row was also short of a stitch!!!! That I could not understand. 

The situation happened for a total of three hours!  Three hours, I sat to crochet the third ball, counted the stitches, undid the stitches, counted again, crochet again and lot onee stitch again… cut the yarn and started again… the cycle went on for a total of 3 hours.

I gave up and told Superpig that it is an indication that I need to rest.  So I stopped and I refused to look at it till the sun went down and the sky turned dark.  The curse was lifted and then the rest was history.

I realised one thing… I had been doing the wrong thing with amigurumi… my original outside is actually the inside and vice versa… DUH!!! DUH!!! DUH!!!  Well, thanks to the many crocheter who posted video how-tos on youtube… I now know.

This necklace is a present for Ash to let her know that I love her.