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I am so proud of myself.

I had to wear this ugly transponder round my neck while at work as it unlocks the doors.

I was kind of sick of looking at this black thing in front of my chest. 

Ugly Transponder

Ugly Transponder

As I was making the crochet necklace for Ash, I thought of how I could crochet a cozie for this transponder and dress it up nicely.

So I thought of the design and how the pattern will work.

After two to three days of thinking through, I finally set work on it yesterday night.

I put in the finishing touch this morning… the button.

So here is my newly dressed up transponder. 

Cozied Transponder

Cozied Transponder

Next, I had been sewing clothes for my princesses and also bags and never really dared to venture into clothes for myself.

I plucked up the courage and find a simple enough pattern and cut out the fabric last week.

I let the cut fabric sat for a whole week and finally managed to work on it this morning.

I must thank Superpig for bring Aver along with him and Ash to violin lesson so that I can sleep in and also sew.

I am very very very happy of my new blouse.

New blouse for Wen

New blouse for Wen

I hope you will like them too.

March 2009

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