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Sorry for the lousy naming … but I like to make it sound cute.

I tried my hands at the mini pouches again.

This time with a little embellishments so that it will not look so plain like before.

They measure approximately 5.5″ by 5″ and the ribbon by the side is long enough to slip it to your wrist.

I made two of them and hope that someone will like it enough to buy them and help contribute to my daughters’ university funds.

Mini Sweet Pouchie

Mini Sweet Pouchie

Mini Sweet Pouchie (back)

Mini Sweet Pouchie (back)

Mini Flora Pouchie

Mini Flora Pouchie

Mini Flora Pouchie (back)

Mini Flora Pouchie (back)

Please let me know if they need to be improved.
Thank you very much.

I have to apologise yet again for my no posts here.

I have been over at my main blog most of the time (when I have the time… that is.)

Crafting is rather limited at the moment… so this particular crafting blog is neglected.

When I do craft and has the time to blog, I just do that in my main personal blog. 

I still want to keep this craft blog alive so I will just have to try harder.


I got to learn a new craft… rubber stamps crafting.

I started on these four just to try whether I can do it or not.

I realised that it was not that difficult and so…

I have yet to do more as school has started and my body aches everyday so in the evenings I tend to laze on the couch and wait for sleep to dawn on me.

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