It has been a wonderful time crocheting these squares.

When I first mentioned this to my husband, he was a little skeptical but he did not reject my idea.

After seeing the first few squares, he was happy with what he saw.

And I was surfing the net the other day, trying to see the beautiful granny squares out there, he saw a picture of a crocheter (who happens to be a granny), and he asked,”This is the granny, is it?”

I snickered… and explained to him what are granny squares.

It had been four nights of granny-ing away before I sleep. 

It is good therapy as it helps relaxes my ever so tensed brains and also allow me better sleep.

At work, I tell myself that I have got to finish what I have on my table so that I can go home and have a good time granny-ing away.

These are what I have done so far.