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I am enjoying every bit of my time with Fimo Air Light.

I love what I had made… just that at the moment, I do not know what to do with these first creatures from the Angry Birds.

I know I will do the same creatures using polymer clay and turn them into cute charms.


I have gotten so used to taking photos with my Iphone, which is not very good.

The convenience of it makes it handy and hassle free but the photos will be rather noisy.

Got to be a good girl and wait for a good light and a good setting to get my items photographed.

Hoping that I can save up enough money to get a new camera too.



So to continue with the Angry Birds, I went on the the Black Angry Bird. The black Fimo Air Light is not really jet black but well it still looks good.

Then I made a penguin… just to test my own skill. I like it. It is rather cute looking… what do you think?

Next up, I will start making these creatures in polymer clay. Then I shall make them into little charms for bracelets, which I think will be cute.

Fimo Air Light… I don’t think it can withstand the hardship of being charms of bracelet. Don’t think it is waterproof too… have yet to test it out.

That will be next on my list… test the durability of Fimo Air Light.

So the play date with Fimo Air Light continued.

I tried my hands on the little blue angry bird.

I am enjoying every bit of my time playing with the air dried clay.

It  can be a little frustrating when dealing with little pieces as they dry up easily but I have learnt to be patient.

I put the unused bits of clay under a wet wipe to delay the drying and I had my handy Evian mist spray (aren’t my clay spoilt rotten?  The spray has already expired actually.)

So tonight, I will be embarking on the black fellow.

It’s one of my fave bird in the game.

Let me know if you like these fellows.

Yesterday night, after the princesses had gone off to bed, it was time for mummy to play.

So out came the Fimo Air Light.

This time, I had armed myself with a bottle of water spray to give my work a little spray when I need to smooth the work.

I also had a little cup of water available.

With those in place, I set to work and I am really happy with my end result.

Please let me know what you think.  It doesn’t have to be all nice comments… suggestions and area to improve also will be greatly appreciated.

Was busy with work and a garage sale that ended the previous Saturday.  It was a place where many went to sell their old wares.  I did had some old wares to sell too but I wanted to try my luck on my handicrafts.

I spent my nights at my coffee table and playing with my polymer clay.  I churned out a few items.

Although I did managed to sell off some of my old wares but my polymer clay magnets did not yield much.  It was alright too.  However, I did manage to attract little kids to buy those yummy magnets.

Well, it was a good try.  I enjoyed it and will be perfecting my skills in the wait for the next one.

Then, I bumped into Fimo air light clay.  It is an air dried clay.  I just tried it yesterday and was a little disappointed because it dried up too fast before I can work the details and pieces don’t stick together.


This is the little fellow made from Fimo Air Light.

It’s dirty … I have trouble keeping my clay clean.  It can be a little frustrating at times.

However, I did a little research on the net and then I realised that all I needed was water to make everything easier.  Will give it try again tonight.


What do you think?

October 2011

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