Was busy with work and a garage sale that ended the previous Saturday.  It was a place where many went to sell their old wares.  I did had some old wares to sell too but I wanted to try my luck on my handicrafts.

I spent my nights at my coffee table and playing with my polymer clay.  I churned out a few items.

Although I did managed to sell off some of my old wares but my polymer clay magnets did not yield much.  It was alright too.  However, I did manage to attract little kids to buy those yummy magnets.

Well, it was a good try.  I enjoyed it and will be perfecting my skills in the wait for the next one.

Then, I bumped into Fimo air light clay.  It is an air dried clay.  I just tried it yesterday and was a little disappointed because it dried up too fast before I can work the details and pieces don’t stick together.


This is the little fellow made from Fimo Air Light.

It’s dirty … I have trouble keeping my clay clean.  It can be a little frustrating at times.

However, I did a little research on the net and then I realised that all I needed was water to make everything easier.  Will give it try again tonight.


What do you think?