Being an art student who took Art as a subject for my O’Level, it would be a shame if I just let painting be part of a history in my life.

I used to love painting but hated the fact that I had to do it under a stipulated time… which to me is an impossible task.  I can only paint when the mood is right. Sitting in a classroom with my peers trying to do a still life painting was never such a right time.

I bought some cheap canvas … small ones too and tried to paint.

Not easy… after so many years of ‘rest’.

So I  tried it with poster paint on drawing paper.  I hated the fact that when the paint dried the paper curled.  Still, it came out quite okay.  I called it Grow in the Light.


Then I decided to transfer the same (almost the same) concept to the canvas and using acrylic paint.  This one I named it Love Is In The Air.  The theme comes in well with the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

When I find some free time, I should paint more just because it is fun.

What do you think?