I was out sick for about a week… as much as I would love to doodle, I could not.  I was totally lying in bed and praying for the fever to go and the bug to be removed.

I could only doodle in my head and it was all nice in there, until I started to get my pen and paper out.

Suddenly, I was out of sync…

Still I did this yesterday and I hoped it is still as nice as the ones before.

I am also very very excited seeing the number of clicks to the view my first Zendoodle post. Thank you very much for your support.

I think many of us have or had been doodling and for some reasons stopped doing so.  Why not after reading this, let’s doodle together?

Can you send me images or links of your doodles too?

Let’s see … shall we have a Valentine’s Day doodle frenzy together?  Let’s have as many doodles as we can do pertaining to the theme of love and share it, shall we?

Drop me a note if you are interested.  It will bee fun and there is no need to worry about whether the doodle is good enough or not.  Every piece is an exploration of your heart… pick up your pen and let it go fill the page.

Please join in… 🙂