The usual recipe is to use Coke… but I like Pepsi Twist so I used that instead.




The Pepsi will evaporate while cooking and leaving the chicken wings all nice and coated with sugar from it.



Chicken Wings ( there were about 12 chicken wings)

Char Siew Paste ( I bought the bottled ones from the local supermarket)

Pepsi Twist


1. Marinate the chicken wings with the char siew paste for 3 hours or more.

2. Heat your wok (or frying pan).

3. Pour about a cup of Pepsi Twist into marinated chicken wings and stir to mix it well.

4. Put the wings and the marinate into the wok.

5. Cover the wok and let the chicken wings simmer in the marinate till it comes to a boil. ( I used medium heat/fire)

6. Once the marinate is boiling, remove the cover and continue to let it boil.  The objective is for the liquid to eventually evaporate.  This may take awhile.  So be patient.

7.  When the liquid is almost gone, you can turn off the stove and serve your chicken wings.


Try it and see if you like it.