Life takes over and other stuffs get pushed aside.  Many of my crafts and bakes have been pushed aside to let more important things take over.

While I had a little time in my hands the last few months, I had a few creative bursts. Below are some of them.

1. Polymer clay pokemons as Pokemon Go was the trendy game that almost everyone was and is playing. I played but I have gotten kind of bored with it. Maybe it could be that I could not get a Snorlax while everyone around caught it.  Yah… I am quite a sore loser.

2.  I started to learn handlettering and simple watercolour painting. So I made a few of these framed art for my colleagues.

3. Painting on white canvas shoes. 

The pair below was given away to an old friend and teacher of my younger girl in the last Teacher’s Day.

So this was what I have been up to.