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Had always known that tidying up and decluttering actually helps to clear up a lot of burdens on oneself. It was rather strange that at times when I felt horrible and I started to clear out stuffs, I will feel better. Feel lighter, brighter and happier.

Then I chanced upon this particular way of decluttering on the web – Konmari method.  I read bits and pieces on the blog posts by others. I caught a few videos on youtube and I decided that I had to get Marie Kondo’s book. 

Once I started reading it, I started with clearing my wardrobe. Though she said to clean out by category and in one shot, I am unable to do so due to work and household commitments.

So I had to tweak her methods to fit my life.  i had cleared out my wardrobe and my inner wears. I am going to go to my socks, homewear and workout attires. 

However, before I embarked on those, I had made my younger girl cleared out her study table and books that no longer needed as she has cleared her exams for this year. 

The above are stuffs to be pickef up by recycling people.

These are joyless stuffs that needs to be thrown out. 

Count today as Day 1.

November 2016

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