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I fell in love with Kanzashi flowers when I first saw them on a flickr group ( The flowers were really beautifully made. I attempted and well, my flowers pale in comparison to those featured in the group but I will gradually improve on my skills.

The flowers are rather easy to fold and then to assemble. They make great brooches and hair accessories. So I made a few for my princesses. Whenever, I walk behind them, these flowers bring a smile to my face because they are really sweet to look at.


There are many tutorials out there in the web, just type in the word ‘kanzashi’ and be amazed at the handiwork.

Have been wanting to do Kanzazhi folding for a long time.  Finally, I made them.  Then, I turned them into hair clips for my girls and a hair piece with swarvoski crystals.

Still in the mood of working with felt and hair clips.

But no mood to say more than these few sentences.

Hope you will like them and forgive my rudeness.

I had brought quite a bit of felt for Ash to sew some christmas ornaments and now Ihave quite a bit left over.  So I started doing these felt hair clips.


I asked Superpig whether they are nice.  He said they are nice.  When I asked him again later in the night, his reply was,”Okay only…”

I am a little hurt as he never ever give me a true answer.  His answers change all the time and I really do not know whether the stuffs that I made are good or not.

I know I am still far from many of the crafters out there and to some extent I feel that all the over rated comments by friends about my crafts are only polite comments just to makeme feel good.

However, I so not feel good at all as I know my stuffs are far from nice now that Superpig had spoken his true words when he is most unguarded.

Superpig asked for some Christmas presents for his colleagues (his first Christmas with them) so I thought of tissue cozies.  So I made them..

And there are more fabric covered buttons.  These tiny ones are so tiny that I do not what to do with them yet.  Anyone has any suggestions?

Then these were transformed into hair ties.  Cute … very cute… I love them very much.

And today, 3 hours non-stop sewing after sending Superpig and princesses to their destination…

Four tote bags and a skirt for Ash.

The two big ones at the back used to be cushion covers from Ikea and I transformed them to big tote bags for a good shooping day at the market.  The other two are what was left over from the gifts I made for Teachers’ Day and were waiting for me to complete them. 

How do they look?

Aver’s school celebrated Halloween last Friday.  So I made her a costume… part of costume.

This her trying it on.  And no, the shoes are not part of the costume.  She just enjoys wearing my shoes.

And this is her actual costume.

Then, there is fabric buttons that I made with scraps.  Cute stuff but why can’t I get such buttons in this little island?

Superpig is not allowing me to order from etsy… shipping and all just does not add up.

I made these buttons into hair ties.  Cute.

Let me know how what you think.

It seems that the fashion for kiddos nowadays are tights with a skirt attached.  I do not know what they name this particular attire but I find it extremely cute.

With my success in sewing pants for my princesses, I thought I may just push it a little further by adding a skirt on top of it.

I tried it out yestaerday morning when I stayed at home sick.  (Yes, sick but refuse to lie down and rest.)

The outcome is this…


And this is Aver with her “cheese” pose.

(Please ignore that her rompers and the bottom piece do not match… I simply asked her to put it on for the sole purpose of taking photos of her in it.)

Hope you will like it as much as her father do.  He says it is cute.

Had been looking blog hopping and have been amazed by the nice skirts and pants that other mothers had sewn for their cuties.  Although I did sew a few dresses at the beginning of the year, I don’t find them fantastic.  Hence, I put off sewing clothings and simply stick to other stuffs.

However, Ash is growing and is out growing her wardrobe and since we are on a tight budget, I thought it is time to start sewing some wearable for her.

I started with a pair of pants for her but it turned out a little too big and it looks like her dad’s boxers.

Then I went on to sew two pairs of pants for Aver and it turned out better.  So this particular fabric will be used for more tight pants.  I will try another one out for Ash.

And last night, I decided to sew a pair of 3/4 pants for Ash and that did not come out at all.  First, despite the fabric being very cute, after cutting it out, I realised the pair of pants may end up looking like jammies.  That is not what I intend it to be.  Second, I failed to put the pair of pants together.  Thinking that I had sewn three pairs the night before, I should have no problem with this pair.  WRONG! WRONG! WORNG! I kept sewing the wrong seams together and I took almost an hour sorting it out.  At my last failed attempt, I gave up on it. 

So it was not fated to be a 3/4 pants, I cut up the fabric and sewn a skirt for Aver instead.  That turned out well. 

So here are what I had sewn…

Here they are giving their wonderful poses.

Tonight, I will tackle the pants for Ash again!

Yeah… end product of the ribbons I mentioned in the earlier post.

I tried to have them attached on hairclips but they looked out of place and I was kind of upset about it.

I thought hard how to rectify it even to the extend of looking for other kinds of hairclips but since it is not sold wholesale, they don’t come cheap.

Finally, I decided on hair ties..

So while Aver napped in the afternoon, I started on them… there are still more in the basket waiting.

And who else would get to enjoy the hair ties first…

Ash, Aver and my mum…


Sneak preview to what is brewing in my “studio” (how I wish I have one… ok, my table, floor… whatever, wherever …)

I have quite a bit of ribbons lying here and there so I decided that I should clear my stash of stuff before purchasing new fabrics, ribbons and what others I may fall in love with while at the craft shop (nope, I have yet to clear my stash and nope, I have yet to stop buying … ha… much to Superpig’s dismay.)

So I started work on these and am falling in love with the sweetness … but as always, my crafts always bear a little of imperfection and that frustrates a perfectionist (me… I am a perfectionist with very difficult standards to meet.)

Now, what do you think about the ribbons?

The final product will be completed soon… I hope.


August 2020

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