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Superpig’s colleague ordered these bags like back in the June and I was suppose to complete it within a month.

However, my time was taken away by the Z-monster once the school term started and work was delayed.

Then came the chinese characters… I cracked my head as to how to do them.

And finally I finished all the work yesterday night and am happy that I can hand it all over to her.

I hope they meet up to her expectation.


Thanks for dropping by and please let me know what do you think of them.

I had brought quite a bit of felt for Ash to sew some christmas ornaments and now Ihave quite a bit left over.  So I started doing these felt hair clips.


I asked Superpig whether they are nice.  He said they are nice.  When I asked him again later in the night, his reply was,”Okay only…”

I am a little hurt as he never ever give me a true answer.  His answers change all the time and I really do not know whether the stuffs that I made are good or not.

I know I am still far from many of the crafters out there and to some extent I feel that all the over rated comments by friends about my crafts are only polite comments just to makeme feel good.

However, I so not feel good at all as I know my stuffs are far from nice now that Superpig had spoken his true words when he is most unguarded.

Finally completed the “healing” craft project.

It is quite therapuetic to push the needle and thread through the fabric and to see the picture appearing.

I like the way it turned out because it look simple yet it is very unique.

My Superpig felt that it is too simple but the pattern is cute.

What do you think?

Now that the bibs are completed, I am unsure what to do with them.

Aver has too many bibs and so there really is no need to add more to the collection.

Should I put them up for sale?  What are they worth? 

Why not give me some suggestions?

Things had not been in the homefront hence have been rather quiet in the blogging world too.

Anyway, what is the best medicine for a wounded crafter? 

 CRAFT itself… of course.

So started on another embroidery project … or actually projects, since there are three.

They are only a part of the whole project, so please come back to check the end products.

 Pattern taken from

Easter bunnies


Easter BunniesEaster BunniesJumping on the Easter mood, I decided to make some bunnies for fun.

Plus I totally fell in love with Betz White’s Cashmere Bunny.

Instead of felted sweaters (which I do not have and also have no idea how to felt sweaters), I used my fabric stash.

To make it more interesting, I added a newly learnt skill – hand embroidery.

You can see that the stitches are not very well done and need more practise.




The last piece of embroidery was taken from Needle Crafter .  As for the other, I used cliparts from Microsoft Powerpoint.

 Now…what do you think of them?

Embroidery butterfly barrettes

Originally uploaded by wencrafting

I made my second batch of felted barrettes. I must say that it can be rather addictive…now which crafting activity is not addictive?
For this batch, I used a new skill – hand embroidery, the butterflies are not perfect and the sewing of the felt together was not very neat too. However, it is very good practice.

August 2020

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