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These were very easily done. Love them a lot as they are so sweet looking. Will be attaching these to my planners.


Have been in the mood to crochet amigurumi creatures these few days. So  here is the latest completed work. A amigurumi kitty which can be a keychain or hung to a bag.

Looking for other cute creatures to do.

It has been a wonderful time crocheting these squares.

When I first mentioned this to my husband, he was a little skeptical but he did not reject my idea.

After seeing the first few squares, he was happy with what he saw.

And I was surfing the net the other day, trying to see the beautiful granny squares out there, he saw a picture of a crocheter (who happens to be a granny), and he asked,”This is the granny, is it?”

I snickered… and explained to him what are granny squares.

It had been four nights of granny-ing away before I sleep. 

It is good therapy as it helps relaxes my ever so tensed brains and also allow me better sleep.

At work, I tell myself that I have got to finish what I have on my table so that I can go home and have a good time granny-ing away.

These are what I have done so far.






With the recent disasters that hit Australia, New Zealand and Japan,  I decided that I can do more than pray for the victims.

I decided to pull out my yarns from shortage and join in this Crochet a Rainbow project by Sarah.

She is collecting granny squares to be combined into granny squares blankets which she will send out to the three countries in need of some bright colours.

I love her idea and I can crochet (slowly…) so I jumped into it.

I am trying to get my mum to join in the crocheting too.  She was the one who “taught’ me how to crochet when I was around 10 years old. 

However, she only taught me how to do chains…and the rest I figured it out myself.

I have started two days ago and being a slow crocheter, I took an average of 30 minutes to crochet a granny square. 

However, I am enjoying it tremendously as it serves a few purposes.

1. It helps relieves my stress.

2. It is therapeutic.

3. It relieves my needs to craft.

4. I know these granny squares will bring some warmth and smiles to the ones receiving it.

5. I know I can help.

6. I can clear my stash of acrylic yarns.

7. I can have an excuse to buy more yarns if I ran out.

If you crochet do join in… the more the merrier.

If you don’t crochet, this can be one project that motivates you to learn this skill. (It is really easy… trust me)

Superpig’s colleague ordered these bags like back in the June and I was suppose to complete it within a month.

However, my time was taken away by the Z-monster once the school term started and work was delayed.

Then came the chinese characters… I cracked my head as to how to do them.

And finally I finished all the work yesterday night and am happy that I can hand it all over to her.

I hope they meet up to her expectation.


Thanks for dropping by and please let me know what do you think of them.

A particular colleague will be leaving by the end of this week.

She will be setting up her own school to pursue her dream form of education in another country.

So I decided to make some stuufs for her to thank her for these 5 months of friendship.

A hand carved name stamp… and I had stamped it at every page of a memo pad to give to her too.

She is also a piggy lover andso I made this handphone dangle.

I worked out the pattern myself and am darn proud of it.

Hope she will like them

I am so proud of myself.

I had to wear this ugly transponder round my neck while at work as it unlocks the doors.

I was kind of sick of looking at this black thing in front of my chest. 

Ugly Transponder

Ugly Transponder

As I was making the crochet necklace for Ash, I thought of how I could crochet a cozie for this transponder and dress it up nicely.

So I thought of the design and how the pattern will work.

After two to three days of thinking through, I finally set work on it yesterday night.

I put in the finishing touch this morning… the button.

So here is my newly dressed up transponder. 

Cozied Transponder

Cozied Transponder

Next, I had been sewing clothes for my princesses and also bags and never really dared to venture into clothes for myself.

I plucked up the courage and find a simple enough pattern and cut out the fabric last week.

I let the cut fabric sat for a whole week and finally managed to work on it this morning.

I must thank Superpig for bring Aver along with him and Ash to violin lesson so that I can sleep in and also sew.

I am very very very happy of my new blouse.

New blouse for Wen

New blouse for Wen

I hope you will like them too.

How can I make one sun hat for my baby and not one for my first born?

So, I set out to made a bigger one for Ash immediately after I completed Aver’s.

When you see both of them wearing their sun hat, I feel so blessed for God’s gifts to me…

these two girls are my greatest gifts and also my ability to do such crafts…

Eversince I picked up crocheting last year, I had always wanted to do a sun hat for my daughters.

So I tried to find a simple enough pattern for me to follow but I only managed to do so recently.  I followed the pattern but it failed quite badly as the size did not fit my 16 month daughter.  Hence, i had to revise the pattern but alas, I did not write down my version of the pattern.

So here it is ….

It fits her just nice for now and she will most probably outgrow it in a few months.

And… I want to ask experiece crocheters out there… what is worsted yarn?

You see… I go to Spotlight to buy my yarns but on the packaging, it does not indicated whether it is worsted or not.  As for the yarn I used for this hat… it is known as corn fibre… product of Australia… so is it worsted yarn or not?  I am in total confusion!


I finished the crochet basket the night before while watching a Korean drama … what a way to multi-task.

I am and will be making more for the toys so that the children’s room can be a little tidier .. I hope.

I must thank Superpig as he willingly brought us to Spotlight to buy more yarns.

Plus he also gave me more ideas and even encouraged me to go for it.

Also I like to Karin of Orange Flower  for helping me with my enquiries.


August 2020

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