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Had always known that tidying up and decluttering actually helps to clear up a lot of burdens on oneself. It was rather strange that at times when I felt horrible and I started to clear out stuffs, I will feel better. Feel lighter, brighter and happier.

Then I chanced upon this particular way of decluttering on the web – Konmari method.  I read bits and pieces on the blog posts by others. I caught a few videos on youtube and I decided that I had to get Marie Kondo’s book. 

Once I started reading it, I started with clearing my wardrobe. Though she said to clean out by category and in one shot, I am unable to do so due to work and household commitments.

So I had to tweak her methods to fit my life.  i had cleared out my wardrobe and my inner wears. I am going to go to my socks, homewear and workout attires. 

However, before I embarked on those, I had made my younger girl cleared out her study table and books that no longer needed as she has cleared her exams for this year. 

The above are stuffs to be pickef up by recycling people.

These are joyless stuffs that needs to be thrown out. 

Count today as Day 1.

Okay, I am totally throwing out the project list that i had created bfore.

I am totally not following it and really sometimes I chance upon something on the internet and realised that particular project looking at me is more appealing that those I had planned.

Another reason for throwing it out… I am running very short of time.

How do crafters out there do it?

Work, children, housework, husband, crafts….

I am overwhelmed…

Actually, I did no crafts for the past week and am totally out of sorts. I feel as if I am going down into the depths of depression. 

I told Superpig that I need to craft before I can do any other things … I am so desperate now!

Currently, I am working on a crochet basket/bag for Aver’s toys.

Pattern can be found at Orange Flower

Since I decided to start a craft blog, I think I should clearly list out all the projects that I need to complete just so that I am more clear headed and determined to complete them.

1.  Easter bunnies with simple embroidery (got it finish it by Wednesday) Completed @12.51 a.m. of 18 March 2008

2.  A halter top of a friends (this is to be finished by Friday)

3.  A simple shrug for my dear mummy who will be going for a short trip to China (this can be completed by Friday too)Completed @ 6 p.m. of 19 March 2008, along with two ponchos for a friend’s kiddos

4.  Two diaper bag with changing mat

5.  Pull String bags for Aver’s wooden toys and cars

6.  New dresses for the two girls

7.  Ash’s long overdued quilt (like overdued for a year… )

8.  Cross-stitching… hmmm… let’s go look for simple desgins to do

Let’s stop at here for the moment because looking at the list is already tiring me out.

Check back for how far I have gone in my list .

Now I leave you with our cheery gerbana to brighten up your day.


This is a new blog which will feature all my craft work.

My fingers may not be as nimble as other experienced crafters out there (and I really admire their work) but I really love to craft.

So I hope to have this little space dedicated to my crafting.

August 2020

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