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I have been bouncing around in YouTube enjoying the videos of others doing their Zendoodles or their Zentangles.

It has been very relaxing to watch their progress on the papers or tiles.

It is just as therapeutic as myself doodling.

And out of vanity sake… I took a short video of myself own process of doodling, edited it and publish it.

Watching the video also gives me the same therapeutic effect.

I may do another which will feature the whole process… I may.

It seems like all is quiet on the blog.

Yet, the household has been bustling with activities.

The elder princess had her violin exam and now is preparing for her term assessments for school.

In the midst of the hustling and bustling, I tried to put in some time for my doodling.

I am kind of confused now… zentangle, zendoodle, doodle… how do I categorize mine?

I know it is not Zentangle as they fail to follow some of the stuffs posted here.

Zendoodle?  I read somewhere that because of the fact that the term Zentangle is a registered name hence it may get a little messy when one decide to put his/her works done as a Zentangle.  So the term Zendoodle is formed. However, it seems like both follow the same idea… the art of meditation through doodling.

Doodling … “A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes. ”  This is taken from

So based on the explanations of the three terms, I think I have been doing Zendoodle.

Now, with that cleared up.  I can show you some of the Zendoodles that I did recently.

This one below… my husband said that he saw a fish.

This particular one below gave my husband the idea of an elephant.  He said he saw an elephant with a basket on its back… like those elephants found in Thailand where tourists go for elephant rides.

Well, I drew those without anything particular in my head.  I am ‘zenned-out’, my pen just go over the page and the designs just comes along.

Till now, I had used up one Zig pen, so I guess I did quite a far bit of doodling.

While I doodled, my five-year old will look on with interest.  I had given her a piece to colour in and she truly enjoyed it.

This morning, she questioned why I did not bring along her colour pencils and one of my doodles for her to colour in.

I forgot as we needed to rush.  Then, I decided to let her try it out herself.

I passed her an index card and my purple pen.  I drew the rectangle and separated the spaces, showed her one pattern and asked her to echo it.

She completed one rather quickly and was very proud of it.  She went on to asked for another piece and another piece.

She truly enjoyed it.

Those two pictures below are her creations.

In the evening when we returned home, she wanted to doodled more.  She seems to be enjoying herself.

So I bought her a pair of black pens with thicker nibs for her.  Her own set of Zendoodle kit.

This is really fun.  When the elder princess breaks for the term, I may just pass the bug to her.  She is more of a mathematician rather than a creative one.  She follows her dad in genes… Well, a household of different likes… it can be quite fun too.

If you want to give this a try you can visit

I made a new doodle and this I am giving to my daughter to colour in.
It will be fun, isn’t it?

You can use it too to entertain your little ones.
Simply click on the image and print it.

If you do colour it, will you show me too?


I thought it would be good to transform my doodles into something useful.
So instead of just doodling on a sketchbook, I did it on a canvas bag.

Although people that I had shown to said that it is nice, I have no one takers for it.
Upset… a little but well, I still enjoy the fact the the doodle is on a bag which is of use.

What do you think?

I was out sick for about a week… as much as I would love to doodle, I could not.  I was totally lying in bed and praying for the fever to go and the bug to be removed.

I could only doodle in my head and it was all nice in there, until I started to get my pen and paper out.

Suddenly, I was out of sync…

Still I did this yesterday and I hoped it is still as nice as the ones before.

I am also very very excited seeing the number of clicks to the view my first Zendoodle post. Thank you very much for your support.

I think many of us have or had been doodling and for some reasons stopped doing so.  Why not after reading this, let’s doodle together?

Can you send me images or links of your doodles too?

Let’s see … shall we have a Valentine’s Day doodle frenzy together?  Let’s have as many doodles as we can do pertaining to the theme of love and share it, shall we?

Drop me a note if you are interested.  It will bee fun and there is no need to worry about whether the doodle is good enough or not.  Every piece is an exploration of your heart… pick up your pen and let it go fill the page.

Please join in… 🙂

February 2012

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