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Yes, I need to sincerely apologise to those who have joined the last blog giveaway.


Because I have yet to send out the packages yet.  I must admit that I was busy with the princesses and trying to organise the ferrying of one child to childcare while trying to occupy the other as the school holiday is here.  On top of that, I just recovered from a serious flu and so did the little princess.  That is not all, the little princess is now down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease!!!!  So she is to be at home for a week and that goes the same for me as I am her main caregiver when she is sick (or when Ash is sick too). 

So unless I can convince Superpig to help me run to the post office, the packages will need to wait another week. 

I promise once we are declared free to be out and about, I will head straight to the post office.  I will also promise that your packages will be filled with more than the hair pin. (one week in the house… I have to find ways to keep myself sane…)

Superpig asked for some Christmas presents for his colleagues (his first Christmas with them) so I thought of tissue cozies.  So I made them..

And there are more fabric covered buttons.  These tiny ones are so tiny that I do not what to do with them yet.  Anyone has any suggestions?

Then these were transformed into hair ties.  Cute … very cute… I love them very much.

And today, 3 hours non-stop sewing after sending Superpig and princesses to their destination…

Four tote bags and a skirt for Ash.

The two big ones at the back used to be cushion covers from Ikea and I transformed them to big tote bags for a good shooping day at the market.  The other two are what was left over from the gifts I made for Teachers’ Day and were waiting for me to complete them. 

How do they look?

Aver’s school celebrated Halloween last Friday.  So I made her a costume… part of costume.

This her trying it on.  And no, the shoes are not part of the costume.  She just enjoys wearing my shoes.

And this is her actual costume.

Then, there is fabric buttons that I made with scraps.  Cute stuff but why can’t I get such buttons in this little island?

Superpig is not allowing me to order from etsy… shipping and all just does not add up.

I made these buttons into hair ties.  Cute.

Let me know how what you think.

November 2008

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